steve gordon

RDQLUS Creative

RDQLUS is Steve Gordon Jr; award-winning designer, internationally published author, keynote speaker—not to mention decent in a bar scrap and a good get-away driver. But Steve is most comfortable solving puzzles; thinking up creative solutions to equations. What began as an award-winning design career shifted to instinctive travels on the paths of ideation, subculture, and the idea that even the best artwork, in shiny bits & pieces, are not enough—not special at all. It’s the sum of all parts that communicate a message, tell the story and reveal brands.

Steve is the author of ‘100 Habits for Successful Freelance Designers’ and ‘365 Habits of Successful Designers’ (Rockport Publishers), and the work of RDQLUS CREATIVE has been featured in design industry publications and annuals such as the collections and Logo Lounge “Master Library” series, and RDQLUS’ ahead-of-the-curve approach has been highlighted as a future trend by “Graphic Design USA.”