Karissa Johnson

Seven by 30

A daring explorer, an inspiring author and engaging speaker, Karissa Johnson lends her spirit, expertise and voice to advocate bravery. After being gripped by a devastating stroke  in her 20's, she eventually regained her ability to speak, write and walk. Her courageous efforts later led her to explore seven continents before the age of 30.

An educator by profession, Karissa taught freshmen women at two universities in Saudi Arabia. While teaching in China, she managed to book modeling jobs and wrote for a magazine. Her story has been featured on Yahoo! Finance, the Omaha World-Herald and publications worldwide. The novice blogger has attracted readers in more than 60 countries, but takes joy in speaker to explorers of all ages at home in Nebraska. Her book, 7 Steps to the 7th Continent, has been read on six continents. Hopefully penguins in Antartica will get around to reading it, too.